Reducing carbon emissions one eco-project at a time

Working together for the greater good

We are living amidst an environmental crisis and the only way we can tackle this problem is by going green. Eco Futures houses a team of dedicated activists who want to help ordinary communities make greener living a normality. 

Based in London, we work with private individuals and groups across the UK, delivering education on issues such as the impact of carbon emissions, and helping implement new, renewable technologies to benefit our everyday lives and the environment. Read on to learn about some of the projects in which we've played a crucial role or contact us to propose your own solutions. 

Our projects

The Eco-Village

An eco-village is a community with strong and vibrant social structures. These are integrated by common ecological, economic and social values which help to work towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Working with communities in London and other locations across the UK, we plan to support housing developments that focus on: 

  • Ecological buildings

  • Renewable energy systems

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling waste

  • And local food production

Modern Housing Project

Our plans in pictures

eco-housing plan
eco-house idea
floorplan for eco-friendly housing
Floorplan for eco-village home
Floorplan for eco-housing
Arial shot of eco-village plan

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