Raising awareness of climate change issues and helping promote everyday eco-living for a more hopeful future

Making a promise to the planet

From the melting glaciers to extreme weather conditions and an increase in natural disasters, the effects of climate change are drastically escalating with each year that passes. Unfortunately, this means devastating consequences to wildlife, nature, and our home's imperative ecosystem. Eco Futures encompasses a team of individuals who realise that the fight against climate change has begun, that there really isn't any time to waste, and that the protection of Earth for future generations starts with us.  

Climate change affects us all and we believe it is our duty to do something about it. Working with communities across London and supporting initiatives throughout the UK, we're committed to facilitating positive change for the health of our planet. With education, research, improved accessibility to renewable energies, and support in the implementation of innovative products for everyday life, Eco Futures believes that we can make real differences in our lifetime for those to come. Read our blog to stay up-to-date with the latest developments learn more about the projects we've been involved in.

Environment Pollution

Education, innovation, and change

As a non-profit organisation, everything we do is for the good of our planet and its inhabitants. We understand that our mission goes beyond spreading awareness of climate change itself; it's about sharing knowledge on sustainable living and how to achieve this, making access to hydro technology and other eco-friendly designed products simple, and giving individuals the resources they need to transform ideas into reality.

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